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At A Pet Villa, our goal is to make your pet as comfortable as possible. We strive to know your pet, and with our intimate environment, and knowledgeable staff we are able to achieve this. It is how we stand out from our competitors. Every pet is unique and requires different handling. Be it playing in a social group, needing one on one attention or just requiring extra rest time.

Dog Boarding

A Pet Villa offers dog boarding in its modern facility located right off the freeway and near the San Jose airport.

Dogs are housed in our Mason Built suites or Midwest play pens for feeding and resting. Based on individual needs, your dog can participate in play groups, or one on one play. This is part of our all-inclusive pricing package. Walks, Greenies, Kong-filled treats and our CARE package are extra.

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To provide a less stressful transition for your pet, we require that you bring your own dog food. Please bring enough food for their stay. Mark the package with the amount needed to feed twice a day. No personal items will be admitted; however we will provide your pet with bedding during its stay. Dogs from the same household can be housed together if it's preferred.

Your dog(s) must be current on Rabies, Parvo, Distemper and Bordetella in order to board at our facility. If the Bordetella was given as intra-nasal, it is only good for 6 months. The injected vaccine is good for 1 year. We will assume that your dog also is healthy and needs no special care. You can upload your vaccination forms here when requesting a reservation.

We charge by the night like a hotel. If you pick up after 12:00 noon, then there is a day care fee per dog. We also require that all new customers pay their entire boarding stay at time of boarding. We only require deposits for the major holidays.

Cat Boarding

We have a lovely, bright, quiet, air-conditioned room with two large windows. Most cats are housed in our Mason Condos which have multi-level ledges. Large cats and multi-family cats sometimes prefer our Petmate Cat Condos. All cats are fed their own food. Cats are encouraged to explore the play room which includes several cat perches,toys, and a window sill where they can soak up sunshine or watch the traffic.Your cat must be current on Rabies and Feline Leukemia. Bring just enough food, wet or dry for the stay. No personal items will be admitted. We supply all bedding and cat litter which we change daily.

Doggy Day Care

We offer doggy day care to both large and small dogs. Young and old. Dogs pass a FREE 4-hour evaluation run by our qualified screeners. We also offer day care to UNALTERED males and females. We cannot guarantee that all dogs will be in a dog social group. We try to keep groups that work together. Day Care is available during our normal business hours except for Major Holidays. Dogs who board with us, are also integrated into the Daily Day Care groups. Several Day Care Package options are available.

Dog Bathing

We offer dog baths and grooms. You can either make a walk-in appointment or add an exit bath/groom to your boarding stay. A typical BATH includes a wash with high-quality shampoos, ears cleaned and nails trimmed. GROOMS include shaving, hair clipping and sani cuts.


Dog Boarding

15% off each additional dog.10% discount after 14 nights. Checkouts after 12:00PM will incur a half-day charge of $24.00

  • Standard Boarding $49.00 per night
  • Dogs get play time based on social skills and needs

Dog Exercises

  • 20 minute walk around the neighborhood $17 per walk

Dog Daycare

We offer dog daycare every day of the week (with the exception of holidays or previously

posted non-daycare days). Reservation is necessary.

½ Day (up to five hours) $24.00

Full Day (over five hours) $35.00

Daycare Packages

5-Day Package $165.00 (save $15.00)

10-Day Package $330.00 (save $30.00)

20-Day Package $560.00 (save $100.00)

30-Day Package $830.00 (save $160.00)

Cat Boarding

$25.00 per night

10% off each additional cat.

10% discount after 14 nights.

Checkouts after 12:00PM will incur a half-day charge of $10.00.

Cat Daycare


Dog Bathing & Grooming

We provide bathing services every day of the year and grooming services weekly. Please call to

schedule an appointment. Pricing depends on dog size and coat.

  • Bath (nails, ears, shampoo, blow dry, and brush out) $35.00 and up
  • Groom (Clip/shear, nails, ears, shampoo, blow dry, and brush out) $60 and up
  • Nails (Trim and/or grind) $19.00

About Our Santa Clara Facility

A Pet Villa is a newer dog and cat boarding facility located in Santa Clara near the San Jose International Airport. We offer pet boarding, dog and cat day care as well as bathing and grooming services. Every pet is let out of their private housing several times a day at no extra charge. We are open to the public every day of the week except for Christmas, New Years & July 4th.

We are open to boarding all types of breeds that most other facilities do not accept, and we do not require that they are neutered. We also have an onsite employee to care for the animals.

You will have peace of mind that your pets are being taken care of while you are away from home. Our facility is well-ventilated with accommodations designed for comfort, security, and cleanliness.

A Pet Villa

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