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At A Pet Villa, our goal is to make your pet as comfortable as possible. We strive to know your pet, and with our intimate environment, and knowledgeable staff we are able to achieve this. It is how we stand out from our competitors. Every pet is unique and requires different handling. Be it playing in a social group, needing one on one attention or just requiring extra rest time.


About Our Santa Clara Facility

A Pet Villa is a newer dog and cat boarding facility located in Santa Clara near the San Jose International Airport. We offer pet boarding, dog and cat day care as well as bathing and grooming services. Every pet is let out of their private housing several times a day at no extra charge. We are open to the public every day of the week except for Christmas, New Years & July 4th.

We are open to boarding all types of breeds that most other facilities do not accept, and we do not require that they are neutered. We also have an onsite employee to care for the animals.

You will have peace of mind that your pets are being taken care of while you are away from home. Our facility is well-ventilated with accommodations designed for comfort, security, and cleanliness.

A Pet Villa

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A Pet Villa
A Pet Villa


A Pet Villa

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