Dog Day Care at A Pet Villa

Day care at A Pet Villa is designed to provide a safe and healthy environment for friendly and social dogs.

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Personal Service

Dog Day Care, Pet Being RubbedOur goal is to provide a personal service where we get to know you and your pet. We try to create a place that is a home-away from home. And it is very important for us that we minimize stress for your pet.

Dog Day Care Testimonials

Stomp loves going to doggie daycare at A Pet Villa! It gives him an opportunity to socialize and play with other dogs and he loves to play! It gives me "peace of mind" knowing that he's being well cared for while I am at work. A Pet Villa has been a life saver for me and Stomp too!
Carol & Stomp, Santa Clara CA

Our dogs are like family members so it means a ton to have discovered A Pet Villa with a great personable staff that shows genuine care and interest for our guys. And our guys cannot wait to pull up to the door and spend the day! The socialization and exercise is great for them. They come home relaxed and wiped out!
We all like A Pet Villa

Jay & Carrie with Cooper & Haley

Why not give our day care a try? Your satisfaction is guaranteed. A Pet Villa (408) 988-3118

Quality Dog Friendly Facility

Dog Day Care Shannon Indoor
TLC time during
doggy day care
Our day care room is heated and air-conditioned with lots of natural light. We also have built-in floor drains for easy cleaning, as well as industrial size exhaust vents. Several times a day your pet will be able to play outside in the fresh air under our covered patio. Unlike other warehouse facilities, we will limit our play groups to no more than 25-30 dogs at any given time. Personal, individualized care is our primary goal.

Competitive Pricing

Dog Day Care Taz Napping
Taz Napping
In addition, we are most competitively priced. Day care packages are available and encouraged. Overnight boarding for our day care guests is also available by reservation.  We also offer grooming.

New Customer Special, Receive a Free 1/2 Day of Day Care

Sign up to receive a free 1/2 day of dog day care (4 hours). You will also receive a free day care evaluation for your dog. Your phone number is required to qualify for the free 1/2 day.

Upon sending us your contact information, we will schedule a free evaluation and provide you a free day of day care if the evaluation is successful.

Dog Day Care Photos

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Dog Day Care Santa Clara

Hound Day

Dog Day Care Santa Clara

Truffles Tired

Dog Day Care Santa Clara

Truffles & Bailey Seranading

Dog Day Care Pet Villa

Posing for Photo

Dog Day Care Santa Clara

Pyro and Sweety

Dog Day Care Santa Clara


Dog Day Care Santa Clara

Waiting for a Treat

Dog Day Care Santa Clara


Dog Day Care Santa Clara
Dog Day Care Santa Clara Dog Day Care Santa Clara

Dog Day Care Santa Clara

Mini Roco


A Pet Villa


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Business Hours

Monday - Friday, 7-7
Saturday - Sunday, 9-4:30

Free - One 1/2 Day (4 hours) of Dog Day Care For New Customers