Cat Boarding In Santa Clara

Mason's Raintree Cat Condos provide quality and beauty when your cat stays at A Pet Villa.
  • Clean, comfortable and luxurious .
  • Good air-circulation so your cat stays relaxed.
  • Two built-in ledges for curling up.
  • Privacy panel for litter area
  • Optional port holes with doors for a larger space

Personal Service for Cat Guests

Cat Friendly Cattery

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Our Comfortable Cattery

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Emergency Information for Cat Guests

We also need your current vet's name and phone number in the event of an emergency. Our vet is on-call 24-7. You can speed up the registration process by filling out our online form. If your pet falls ill during his/her stay we make all efforts to contact you and then your vet. If we cannot reach you, we will take the dog to the nearest emergency hospital that we feel will give your pet the best care available.
Our staff is well experienced. We also have a 24-hour live-in attendant.

A Pet Villa


1205 Laurelwood Rd
Santa Clara, CA
(408) 988-3118

Business Hours

Monday - Friday, 7-7
Saturday - Sunday, 9-4:30

Extended Hours By Appointment


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