Santa Clara Dog Kennel Construction

1/03/06 Sump Pump, PG&E Pipe and Stucco Work

Sump pump catch basin

Morgan - the all around construction guy is in the 12 foot catch basin. He is finishing up sealing the Christy box. Excess water from the building runoff will be flowing into this basin. A sump pump will be pumping it out. The City wasn't happy with one sump pump, and so made us put two in there. The rationale..if one doesn't work, the other one will kick in.


PG&E put in their riser 2 feet too short and then blamed us. The Gas riser was supposed to be placed where the pipe is sticking out of the wall. It cannot be located under the electrical panel box. It took us 2 weeks to get them out and that was after a call to their headquarters. First they blamed us. Came out to take photos and then sent 2 guys with two big trucks and one tractor to correct the problem. The solution was digging a hole about 2 feet longer with a shovel. Actual work could have taken an hour. It was stretched out to about 2 hours.

1/2/07 Grading for the sump pump catch basin.

January 2, 2007

Sheetrock work is complete. View of the cattery and the lobby

12/29/06 The building is getting its second coat of stucco

Whose in the hole? The hole was dug for the trench drain. It is now close to 12 feet when this photo was taken. One guy is in the hole..everybody is looking as the hole is quite deep and he will need help getting out. The hole is being measured..but it is a few inches from being deep enough.

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