Santa Clara Dog Kennel Boarding and Grooming Trench Contrustion

Pier Holes Dug

Pier holes were dug as necessary following the plans. Some of these holes were quite deep ..looked like over 10 feet to us. We unfortunately did not find any buried treasure below - nor did we strike oil. The site looks like a giant gopher came by.

9/14/06 - Piers Poured

The cement was poured into all the Pier Holes - 16 to be exact. The identification of the locations had to be exact and one can see the forms and string lines crisscrossing the piers. The footing of the canopies will be bolted on top of these piers. For sure the cement won't be going anywhere with the holes dug so deep and so wide - above and beyond what was called for by the manufacturer of the canopies.

Finally we see something concrete (pun intended) on our site. The site is now ready for the Kennel canopy and the outdoor play yard. These manufactured covers will be arriving first week in October. Assembly is to last approx. 4 days. Hopefully all of our measurements per plans and double-checking on site are right on!! Otherwise..... The canopies must fit on the piers as poured. We don't have any margin of error on this site as so much is going in in a relatively small area.




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