Santa Clara Dog Kennel Boarding and Grooming Framing and Foundation

Framing Begins and the Foundation is Poured

10/12/06 Foundation being poured.

Framing of A Dog Kennel Begins, Canopy is Seen

Yesterday the canopy for the kennel cover came. Amazingly the cover fit like a glove. The posts were mounted onto the piers and each post and location fit perfectly. Because we are using most of the lot, there was no room for mistakes. The canopy was pre-manufactured and so came in pieces to the site. It had to fit exactly. We also added two covers in the back, for the outside play area. These two canopies were set to maximize the location without bumping into each other. We measured and remeasured to make sure that these did not conflict with each other, nor hang over the lot. The canopy construction should be complete in 2 more days.


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