Santa Clara Dog Kennel Boarding and Grooming Catch Basin

12/20/06 Underground electrical and storm drain connections

These photos show more digging in front of the building. The catch basin is designed to hold all the water run off from both the building and the kennel canopy. All the water is piped into the catch basin which then sends the water to sump pumps which will pump out of the property area. This system is quite intricate and of course very costly. Unlike other cities, that allow you to drain directly into the ground and thus replenish natural
acquifiers the City of Santa Clara wants you to drain all of the filthy water coming off the roofs into a storm drain which eventually ends up in
the oceans. The system for us to build is very expensive with pipes running across our entire lot. Then the catch basin has to be built.the beginnings of it shown on the photo. The sump pumps then have to be connected. It wasn't enough to have one, but the city wanted us to have a backup. More money. There are underground electrical cables that run in front of the property. Silicon Valley Power, the power utility for Santa Clara made us dig up the cables and expose 6 feet on each side. We were to connect to these cables and put in a new junction box. However, months prior, I had told SVP that there was a junction box sitting 1 foot away from my property. I was told"no, you can't connect there, you need your own box." Lo and behold, after we dig down 12 feet, expose the cables,Silicon Valley Power comes out and decides to have connect to existing junction box. Now, why couldn't they have decided that earlier? Again...what do they care that I paid an equipment operator 8 hours of careful digging and then again for new sand to cover up the cables and more compressing of the soil. So, we now have dug a new line to the existing junction box.

Note how small the guy looks in the 12 foot trench. The beginning part of the back-filling is all hand work so as not to damage the electrical cables.






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