Santa Clara Dog Kennel Boarding and Grooming Framing


The framing is complete. The building looks very nice now and one can see or imagine what the finished product will be like. We are now beginning all the inside work..including inside plumbing and sheetmetal (AC, heating ducts, drains).


A Pet Villa Dog Kennel Front

Front of building looking from Laurelwood Road

A Pet Villa Front from Laurelwood

Kennel area - final cement work being completed

A Pet Villa Kennel Area

The kennel cement work is complete.  We have designed 6" trench drains which will be sitting behind the kennels.  All the water will go down these drains and directly into the sewer system.  This way we will be able to keep the runs clean and dry.

Dog Kennel Cement Channels

This is part of our entrance way and some of the guys finishing up the framing.

Dog Kennel Wood Framing

Under the canopy in the kennel area.  The trench drains that are running throughout the area. 

Dog Kennel Area Cement

A Pet Villa

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