Santa Clara Dog Kennel Boarding and Grooming Paving of the Parking Lot

2-02-07 The Parking Lot

Today the parking lot got striped. The parking lot now looks official, with its designated parking slots. I think I will be the first one to try out all the slots available. I haven't allowed anybody to drive on it, even though it has been over 24 hours!! The finishing touches left for the front of the building include: awnings over the windows, our sign, lamp posts, and landscaping!! The awnings got delayed because I had to go back to the Planning department to get approval for one additional awning. It took me 3 weeks to get a small rendering from the architect, who really didn't want me to add one in front of the entryway. While visually speaking, the windows are very nice, they are not very practical, as the sun shines into the lobby and practically blinding anybody who would be sitting at the front desk.









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