The MOST popular Breeds that are getting rescued

By Molly McCall
Mon, April 30, 2007, 3:00 am PDT (Based on Yahoo Search Results)

Nothing says "rescue me" like the big brown eyes of a dog in need. Sure, we log weekly searches for "cat rescue adoption" and "horse rescue." We even see buzz for "big cat rescue." But when it comes to the vast majority of queries for animal adoption and pet rescue, man goes looking for his best friend.
To give you an idea—and maybe to help you find your own four-pawed pal—we present the top breeds to draw "rescue" matches in the past week...

1. Golden Retriever Rescue
2. Boxer Rescue
3. English Bulldog Rescue
4. Pug Rescue
5. Great Dane Rescue
6. French Bulldog Rescue
7. Yorkie Rescue
8. Dachshund Rescue
9. Lab Rescue
10. Chihuahua Rescue
11. German Shepherd Rescue
12. Rottweiler Rescue
13. Boston Terrier Rescue
14. Beagle Rescue
15. Border Collie Rescue
16. Poodle Rescue
17. Doberman Rescue
18. Mastiff Rescue
19. Pit Bull Rescue
20. Collie Rescue
21. Basset Hound Rescue
22. Shih Tzu Rescue
23. Sheltie Rescue
24. Maltese Rescue
25. Pomeranian Rescue
26. Bull Terrier Rescue
27. Weimaraner Rescue
28. Schnauzer Rescue
29. Cocker Spaniel Rescue
30. Papillon Rescue

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